New Video of Sky and Bet!!!

If you want to smile watch this precious winter video of Sky and Bet!

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The Streets of Barcelona

This is what goes on in downtown Barcelona on a normal day. One of Bet’s videos from summer when she was home. Keep you eye on the adorable gentleman on the right dancing. Did you catch the hip roll? SO CUTE!!!

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Fun Times in Crested Butte!

Check out Bets page for her latest entry PLUS a video of her skiing with her best friend, rippin’ snowboarder, musician extraordinaire, ninja Ricky! (:

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Best most inspirational, sweetest book EVER!!!!

  Loving your posts and your jewelry - I received the beautiful mustard seed necklace and gave it to Alex – and told her you made it…We are having a rough time with basketball and I wanted to appease her….still working on it.   Anyway- any chance you are still interested in sharing her story?   Thanks XOXO – Gary

     Hello All,   I am pleased to announce the publication of my first book: “From Grief to Celebration, How One Family Learned to Embrace the Gift of Down Syndrome”. This book shares a parent’s perspective of the birth of a child with special needs, and the journey our family has taken together while learning to embrace and celebrate this unexpected event.   This book will help others who are touched by special needs, as well as professionals as they work to advocate for our special community.   Following are some reviews:    

“This is a beautiful way to support others!  I appreciated the commiseration, the encouragement, and the very practical advice in many areas of life.  So very many of the stories shared echo tales of our own firecracker!  This is a resource unlike anything I’ve seen, and I plan to check back with it as we plan forward!  Thank you!!”   Tiffany, proud mama to 8 yr old Elise   “So many gems are generously shared in this heartwarming book about a family’s personal journey of discovering the magic of having a child with Down Syndrome enter your life.  Every person can be enriched by this transformational progression through stages of deepening love and acceptance of a child, from fear and anxiety to discovering that they are perfect exactly as they are. Drink the “magic potion…” and read this book”. Lisa, mother of an 11 year old girl with an extra 21st chromosome

 Please explore this work and share with others who may benefit.   It’s $13.99 and can be purchased at this link.

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My Headcam Skiing the North Face

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